What women like ….

What do women like when traveling the river Danube? More and more women nowadays are fascinated by traveling the Danube from the source to the mouth. Andrea Steinberger, owner of the Café MANCINI in the small town of Innermanzing, south of Vienna, just came back from a boat trip to the Danube Delta, sharing her impressions with us.

„You want to know what has been the most beautiful experience of my journey along the river Danube? The magnificent nature, the beautiful country side, the dense vegetation, the unique environment of the Danube Delta! I especially liked the bird life of the biosphere reserve, but also the peace and tranquillity there. Will it be possible to preserve the idyll of this estuary? There are so many excursion boats on the way. In any case, that journey on the river Danube was unique for me and I always will remember it with great pleasure.”

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