Lasst uns weitermachen!

Regensburg, Linz und Vukovar! Die Erweiterung unseres “Danube Women City Guide” ist beschlossen 🙂

Nach Ulm und Wien schließen sich die Städte Regensburg für Deutschland und Linz für Österreich unserem Projekt an. Und auch in Kroatien suchen wir in Vukovar nach weiblichen Spuren in der Geschichte und in der Neuzeit. Read more

Let’s move on!

Regensburg, Linz and Vukovar! The expansion of our Danube Women City Guide has been decided 🙂
After Ulm it is Regensburg in Germany, after visiting Vienna we turn to Linz in Upper Austria  – and in Croatia we look in Vukovar for female traces in history and in modern times.  Read more

What women like ….

What do women like when traveling the river Danube? More and more women nowadays are fascinated by traveling the Danube from the source to the mouth. Andrea Steinberger, owner of the Café MANCINI in the small town of Innermanzing, south of Vienna, just came back from a boat trip to the Danube Delta, sharing her impressions with us.

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Yesterday’s Europe

Actress Katja Riemann opened the literary programme of the Danube Festival 2018 with a reading from Stefan Zweig’s book “Memories of a European” .
Stefan Zweig, the Jewish author from Vienna, committed suicide in 1942 out of desperation during his exile in Brazil.

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Let us celebrate together!

The International Danube Festival 2018 has begun.
State Secretary from Baden-Württemberg Theresa Schopper opened the Festival together with other celebrity guest, accompanied by the Danube Festival fanfare, which was played by eight members of the Junge Bläserphilharmonie Ulm. From the middle of the river the prominence welcomed and greeted visitors from all the Danube countries.

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