Danube Cultural Conference in Pécs

Alternative city tours on women’s issues

At a cultural conference within the framework of the EU Danube Region Strategy called CultPlatForm_21, the publisher of the magazine danube connects, which appears in Ulm, has presented a new project.

It will be about the networking of women’s issues along the Danube, and “adresses especially young women to encourage them to find their own personal way,” as Sabine Geller said at the meeting in southern Hungary in Pécs.

 A special app for discovering important women of the city of Ulm will be developed and a book will be prepared on the subject – both will be presented at the International Danube Festival in Ulm in July next year.

Currently in preparation is an idea exchange and networking for alternative city tours between in Ulm/New-Ulm, Vienna, Novi Sad, Budapest and Timisoara.
For example an interesting connection between Ulm and Novi Sad is that Albert Einstein, born in Ulm was married with Mileva Maric from Novi Sad.

In Ulm, students of the St. Hildegard-Gymnasium were already involved in the project. Together with students of the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm, an exhibition will be designed and an app developed to get more information about outstanding women in the respective cities. The first practical test is on World Women’s Day on 8 March 2018. In parallel, actions are planned with students in Novi Sad and Timisoara.

The project named “Danube Women City Guide” is supported by the Baden-Württemberg-Stiftung. Project partners are the Center for General Scientific Continuing Education (ZAWiW)at Ulm University, The World of NGO’s from Vienna, the Walkshop in Budapest, the Journalism School in Novi Sad and the Asociatia Pro Democatia in Bucharest.

Südwest Presse Ulm, 24.10.17


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