Kick-off in Vienna

Prior to the occasion of the European Day on 9 of May the European project DANUBE WOMEN CITY GUIDE was launched in Vienna, laying the foundation for more visibility of women in history and present time in the Danube Region.

The event was assembling a team of scientists, civil society experts and media professionals from Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Romania, who will work together for the next years to research, edit and publish a European tour guide focusing on women personalities in cities and towns along the river Danube. The project is led by the University of Ulm and financially supported by the Baden Württemberg Foundation.

Tamara Zelenović Vasiljević, Chief Operating Officer of the ‘Foundation Novi Sad 2021’ and Vuk Radulović, Manager of the Foundation’s Sector for International Cooperation, joined the kick-off meeting; the Foundation is managing the preparation and implementation of the ‘European Capital of Culture’ in 2021 and highly interested in this new Danubian project because the topic of women’s visibility has been a strong point in the focus of the candidacy for this prestigious title for cities.
“We are ready to network in the Danube region and support this project with our cooperation. It is so important to save the heritage of women in the Danube region, especially the cultural heritage and arts. It is essential to encourage better positions of women as artists and cultural leaders in art.” The European exchange will also talk about the consequences of the war which happened around the turn of the millennium and discuss the position of women as civilians in NoviSad.
“We want to bring guided women city tours to NoviSad; we want to get informed to prepare for our own projects”, Vuk Radulović says. The outcomes of the European exchange could feed for example the famous initiative “DanubiaNS”, a beautiful promenade along the river bank of the Danube informing about interesting in Danubian cities.

Partner organisations of the project DANUBE WOMEN CITY GUIDE

  • ZAWIW Centre for General Scientific Education, University of Ulm, Germany
  • Magazine Danube Connects, Ulm, Germany
  • The World of NGOs, Information and Networking for Civil Society, Vienna, Austria
  • Bupap Budapest city walk shop, Hungary
  • NoviSad School of Journalism, Serbia
  • Asociatia Pro Democratia, Bucharest and Timișoara (also a European Capital of Culture 2021), Romania

Associated Partner:
Foundation Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture, Serbia